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Projekty LO

W naszym Liceum dużo uwagi poświęca się nauce języków obcych. Niezależnie od wybranego profilu nauczania, każdy uczeń ma szansę uczenia się dwóch języków obcych na poziomie podstawowym lub zaawansowanym. Może to być: j. angielski, francuski, niemiecki i rosyjski.

Nasi nauczyciele stwarzają młodzieży wiele okazji do kontaktu z reprezentantami różnych narodów i kultur całego świata, a przez to do poszerzania swoich horyzontów oraz doskonalenia umiejętności językowych.

Nasza szkoła bierze udział w różnych projektach międzynarodowych.

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    Welcome to our school!!!

    Marshall Jozef Pilsudski High School in Poniatowa offers comprehensive education to students aged 16 -19. It is located in a small town in the south-east of Poland. Poniatowa is a lovely, green town near Lublin surrounded by unspoiled nature and historical places.

    Our school offers its students high quality education which includes four foreign language study opportunities at the advanced level: English, German, French and Russian. Our school has a radio, music band, IT club, volunteer club and two modern computer halls. Additionally, many of the students sing in a choir where they master classical music and traditional folklore. Some of them play musical instruments and dance.

    We are very enthusiastic and keen to have exchanges with other schools. All students learn English and they would like to practice it by speaking or writing to native speakers. We would like to have links with other countries to widen our horizons increase our knowledge and understanding of other cultures and nations. Our students are friendly and motivated. They want to have friends in other countries, share their interests, opinions, discuss vital issues and promote tolerance and PEACE on the WORLD.

    More information
    Our school offers three types of classes: Class A – expanded Maths and Information Technology, Class B – expanded Polish, and History, Class C – expanded Chemistry, Biology and Geography. No matter what type class is chosen, every student has a chance to learn 2 foreign languages (English, French, German or Russian).

    Physical education isn’t neglected either. Students have regular classes in sports hall, on the sports field, in the gym or in swimming pool. So it is not surprising that every year the school collection of first place cups and trophies grows considerably in size. The school possesses two newly modernized computer labs make IT classes both effective and enjoyable.

    Apart from participating in serious knowledge contests, a great number of our students take also active part in school and city cultural life. They train in Teakwondo club, prepare radio programmes, do voluntary work, sell in school shop, etc. Many of them learn to sing and play instruments in world-known choir „Scholares Minores pro Musica Antiqua.” Our school is home to many international initiatives undertaken by students and their teachers.

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